BURKE WILFORD RESIDES NEAR WASHINGTON, D.C., and is a force for the next generation of Color Field Artists and Abstract Expressionists.  Wilford’s PAINTINGS ARE LAYERED WITH EMOTION AND INTROSPECTIVE THEMES.

Largely self-taught, Wilford moved into the realm of abstract expressionism ten years ago, building upon the seminal works of the creators of the movement with his own lyrical colors and forms.  By drawing on the works of these original masters, Wilford chooses the most universal and timeless elements from this genre and presents them with new relevance.

WILFORD’S WORK IS compellingly INTERACTIVE and resonates with a multi-dimensional audience. VIEWERs are QUICKLY LOST IN THOUGHT as they engage with the images.  Viewers enthusiastically describe what they see and the emotional impact of the expansive paintings.

Wilford’s canvases are large in impact and form, reverberating with movement while balanced with refined brushwork and hidden detail.  Forms from nature – landscapes, flames, floral fields – are sensed within each composition, morphed into bold motifs and vistas.  This limitless supply of inspiration from nature continues to drive Wilford’s work forward with new combinations of colors and archetypal themes.

Wilford credits his inspiration to the early works of Abstract Expressionism founders – Clyfford Still, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. He draws from their iconic images and expansive fields of color to create his own unique and compelling style.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t
say any other way.

-Georgia O’Keefe

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