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Welcome! Art is a celebration, joy and journey that can touch the deepest parts of man’s soul while reaching to the stars. This page and my website are a record of my creative passion.

My love for art and painting began at an early age, but my painting journey began later in life. I am mostly a self-taught painter who was raised with an appreciation of classic, impressionist and abstract artists.

The style of my oil paintings are reminiscent of the classic American abstract expressionist paintings of the twentieth century but with new dimensions and combination of styles. Individuals say that my paintings are dynamic and span a range of human emotion.

These paintings range from serene compositions of harmonious colors to more energetic works with swirls of contrasting hues and abstract silhouettes. As many artists will share, what begins in the mind is often different than what appears on canvas. The colors, shapes and canvas will tell what it wants to say and my hands become the willing participant of their voice.  I often add small details that resemble profiles of iconic rock formations of the American Southwest; for some this provides a way to access and reflection upon their own inner landscape. It is color that drives much of my work and I depend upon strong, lush palettes that speak their own language.

Leonardo Da Vinci

What is always interesting is to hear what people see or feel about a work. The responses and emotions are always varied, but then that is the power of art. Like Leonardo da Vinci, expressed so well, the painter has the universe in their hands. I am humbled by the impact of art and how it can stretch from the heights of the heavens to the depths of our hearts.

Once again, thank you for stopping by. It is a privilege and honor to share my work and visions with you. My home and family reside in Maryland, close to Washington, D.C.  And please, take a moment to visit our website. www.BurkeWilford.com. I hope you enjoy viewing this gallery.

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